Noun Challenge
Advanced Crossword
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3 The ______ is a convenient way to make and receive phone calls.
5 This keyboard has a ______. It won't type the letter B. You should take it back to the store to exchange it or to get a refund.
7 A lawyer charges a ____ for the service he/she provides.
10 Some people argue that marijuana is a ________ to other hard drugs.
11 A margarita is a popular coctail that is made with a ______ of tequila (alcohol) and lime.
14 We took a hike on a beautiful ____ in the mountains yesterday.
15 The "Navajo" are a _____ of Native Americans found largely in Arizona and New Mexico.
16 Our _____ is down, so nobody in the office can use their computer.
17 Microsoft has been accused of being a _______. They destroy competition.
1 NASA sent a _____ to explore the planet Mars.
2 Wearing big, baggy pants is a ___ among young people in the U.S.A.
4 ______ are the people who were born and raised in a particular area.
6 _______ is becoming more and more popular with companies like Amazon.com, Ebay, and other sites where people can buy and sell things.
8 There are many Native American _______ throughout the United States. This land is often in very remote areas.
9 My friend Tony is a __________ . He is always watching TV.
12 Many middle/upper class Americans prefer living outside of the city in the _______.
13 "Friends" is a popular TV ______ .This half hour comedy shows the everyday life of a group of young adults.
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