Modal Verbs Exercise 3

Complete the sentences using the words listed in the box below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. Positive and negative forms can be used. Some gaps may have more than one answer. After you complete the first part of the exercise, there is a second part described at the bottom of the page.
might     must     should
1. Nancy said you didn't need to buy her anything for her birthday, but I really think you at least get her some flowers or a nice bottle of wine.

2. Debbie said she was really busy this week, but I think she show up at the party if she doesn't have to work overtime on Friday.

3. Nina said she would come over right after work, so she be here by 6:00.

4. Oh my God, he's unconscious. Don't move him - he have internal injuries. Somebody call an ambulance.

5. You be kidding! That can't be true.

6. Dan: Where's the remote control? I want to change the channel.
Fiona: I don't know. It be under the couch. Or, perhaps I absent-mindedly took it into the kitchen. I'll check in there.

7. For most people, learning a language is a challenging undertaking. Experts agree that to make the most of your language learning experience, you practice the language regularly and push yourself to maintain old vocabulary while acquiring new words and expressions.

8. New research suggests that exercise can reduce the chance of heart disease as well as cancer. That's why I told my father that he start walking once a day.

9. We should invite Sally and her husband to come to the picnic on Saturday. We haven't seen them in weeks, and they really enjoy a nice day at the beach.

10. Tim: While I was a student, I spent a year and a half studying Pygmy culture in the Central African Republic. My research focused on unique aspects of the their social structure and religion.
Simona: That have been absolutely fascinating!

11. We had better call Tony to see if he's at home before we go over to his house. He be there and we don't want to drive all the way over there for nothing.

12. At first, my boss didn't want to hire Sam. But, because I had previously worked with Sam, I told my boss that he take another look at his resume and reconsider him for the position.

13. You worry so much. It doesn't do you any good. Either you get the job, or you don't. If you don't, just apply for another one. Eventually, you will find work.

14. I would love to go on the cruise to Tahiti with Robin and Michelle. But such a luxurious trip cost a fortune. I doubt I could afford something like that.

15. The book recommends adding fresh soil and using plant food to make your garden flowers grow. Since some people might be allergic to chemicals in artificial plant foods, the book says that you use an organic brand to avoid skin irritations.
After you check your answers, redo the exercise above using the modals in the box below.

could      ought to      have to

Some of the sentences cannot be completed using these modals. Can you find them? Click here for the answer.
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