Modal Verbs Exercise 7

Choose the correct answer for each gap below, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
1. I'm not really sure where Beverly is. She in the living room, or perhaps she's in the backyard.

2. Doug the video we rented on his way to work. It was on the table, but now it's gone.

3. You the air pressure in your tires. You don't want to get a flat tire on your trip.

4. The computer isn't working. It during production.

5. The package tomorrow afternoon. It was sent by express mail this morning.

6. You the tickets for the play in advance - they sell out quickly.

7. You can't mean that! You .

8. If Debbie hasn't come home yet, she for us in the coffee shop.

9. Mike decided not to join us for lunch. He at work to finish the marketing report.

10. If I had gone with my friends to Jamaica, I on a white sand beach right now.

11. If I had gone with my friends to Jamaica, I come to work this week.

12. If I had gone with my friends to Jamaica, I scuba diving lessons.

13. Margaret agreed to meet us at the entrance to the theater. She for us when we get there.

14. It Sam who called and didn't leave a message on the answering machine. He said he wanted to get together with us this weekend.

15. The machine on by flipping this switch.

16. She . That could have been why her eyes were so red and swollen.

17. If she was crying, she very upset.

18. That painting by Picasso. It could be a forgery.

19. Your diving equipment regularly if you want to keep it in good condition.

20. If I hadn't taken a taxi, I for you at the train station for hours.
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