Location Prepositions Exercise 1

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Complete the sentences below by choosing the correct prepositions, then press "Check" to check your answers. Sometimes, more than one answer is possible.
1. We have high-speed Internet access work, but I have a bad connection home.

2. The kids are learning about the Civil War their history class school.

3. Toby was the hospital for two weeks after his motorcycle accident the freeway.

4. Jane and Debbie saw dolphins the ocean while they were having a picnic the beach.

5. Fred loves to go camping the desert, but Kyle prefers to camp the mountains.

6. The conference was held a ski resort Telluride, a small town southwest Colorado.

7. You can buy stamps the post office Delancey Street.

8. The old man who was standing the corner yelled at the kids who were playing the street.

9. While they were hiking Ridgeback Mountain, Laurelle and Frank saw a bear the woods.

10. They have a small house a beautiful lake California. When I visit them, I always love to sit the shore and watch the kids swimming the lake.
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