Complete List of Prepositions

The following is a complete list of prepositions and related words used in our preposition tutorial including types of prepositions and preposition example sentences.

Preposition Type Example Sentence
above position The coconut was high above our heads, so nobody could reach it.
across position The cat lay across my lap.
across direction We walked across the street.
after time After dinner, we ate dessert.
against position The broom was leaning against the fence.
against direction He threw the glass against the wall.
along direction The path led along the river.
among position The deer hid among the trees.
around position There was a white fence around the house.
around direction He walked around the tree.
at location We don't have a coffee maker at work.
at time Class begins at 7 AM.
away from direction The fireman led the people away from the burning building.
before time Before work, I go to the fitness center.
behind position We parked in the parking lot behind the building.
below position We entered the huge basement below the house.
beneath position We sat beneath the tree and enjoyed the shade.
beside position The dog sat beside him obediently.
between position There was a fence between the two houses.
by position There is a pharmacy by the grocery store.
by time By the time we started dinner, the food was cold.
down direction The ball rolled down the hill.
during time Somebody's phone rang during the movie.
for time We were in Hawaii for two weeks.
from direction He comes from France.
from time The lecture lasts from 1:30 PM to 3 PM.
in position The laptop is in my backpack.
in location I learned Japanese in college.
in time The movie starts in ten minutes.
in front of position The car was parked in front of the store.
inside position A gift was inside the box.
into direction Naomi walked into the house.
near position The public library was near my school.
next to position The pizza parlor was next to the movie theater.
off (of) direction The cat fell off (of) the couch.
on position The pencil is on the table.
on location My house is on Main Street.
on time My vacation begins on Thursday.
onto direction The cat jumped onto my lap.
out of direction When we walked out of the hotel, the taxi was waiting for us.
outside location He was outside the house when the fire began.
over position There was a rainbow over us.
over direction He jumped over the snake.
through position There was a tunnel through the mountain.
through direction We walked through the tunnel.
till time We waited till Tom arrived to start dinner.
to direction Nancy walked to the mall.
to time The movie is from 7 to 9.
toward(s) direction The boat sailed towards the horizon.
under position The cat is under my chair.
under direction The whale swam under the boat.
underneath position The child was underneath the blanket.
until time I can't wait until summer, so we can go to the beach again.
up direction We walked up the hill to see the view.

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