Verb Tense Exercise 23 Simple Future and Future Continuous

f t p
Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
Sandra: Where is Tim going to meet us?
Marcus: He (wait) for us when our train arrives. I am sure he (stand) on the platform when we pull into the station.
Sandra: And then what?
Marcus: We (pick) Michele up at work and go out to dinner.

Ted: When we get to the party, Jerry (watch) TV, Sam (make) drinks, Beth (dance) by herself, and Thad (complain) about his day at work.
Robin: Maybe, this time they won't be doing the same things.
Ted: I am absolutely positive they (do) the same things; they always do the same things.

Florence: Oh, look at that mountain of dirty dishes! Who (wash) all of those?
Jack: I promise I (do) them when I get home from work.
Florence: Thanks.
Jack: When you get home this evening, that mountain will be gone and nice stacks of sparkling clean dishes (sit) in the cabinets.

Doug: If you need to contact me next week, I (stay) at the Hoffman Hotel.
Nancy: I (call) you if there are any problems.
Doug: This is the first time I have ever been away from the kids.
Nancy: Don't worry, they (be) fine.

Samantha: Just think, next week at this time, I (lie) on a tropical beach in Maui drinking Mai Tais and eating pineapple.
Darren: While you are luxuriating on the beach, I (stress) out over this marketing project. How are you going to enjoy yourself knowing that I am working so hard?
Samantha: I 'll manage somehow.
Darren: You're terrible. Can't you take me with you?
Samantha: No. But I (send) you a postcard of a beautiful, white sand beach.
Darren: Great, that (make) me feel much better.
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