Returns and Refunds


A. = Adjective   ADV. = Adverb   IDM. = Idiom   N. = Noun   V. = Verb
to carry V. to offer a particular item for sale; to have an item in the store
a defect N. a technical problem, a flaw, a mistake in construction
to exchange V. to change one item for another
irritating A. annoying, upsetting, bothersome
a model N. a particular type of a mechanical product
a policy N. a plan or course of action in business or government which is regularly followed
to refund V. to return money which a person paid for a product or service
to ship V. to send something large through the mail
store credit N. a credit given to a customer which can be used to buy a new product
When customers return a product to a store, sometimes instead of cash, they are given a store credit which allows them to buy another product of equal or lesser value.
a warranty N. This is a guarantee given by a company which ensures that the product they sell is well made. If it breaks too soon, they agree to repair it or replace it free of charge.


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