Santa Fe, New Mexico

Vocabulary in Conversation

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Barbara: I heard you just got back from a weekend trip to Santa Fe. I have been thinking of going there. How did you like it?

Lars: Santa Fe is one of the nicest towns I have been to in the U.S. - I had no idea there was so much to see there! And I love the southwestern look; all the buildings are built the adobe architecture of the Pueblo Indians.

Barbara: Wow, that sounds beautiful! Did you get a chance to meet some of the while you were there?

Lars: Yeah, I went to the Indian market in town to shop for some arts and . While I was there, I met a fascinating old woman from a pueblo just outside the city. She was selling beautiful stone jewelry which she had herself. She really was an amazing artist. We talked for over an hour, and she told me all about her life on the .

Barbara: Were there many Indian people in Santa Fe?

Lars: There are a lot of people in New Mexico - especially in Santa Fe. Most of the people at the market were Indian, and they represented several different from all over the state: Pueblo Indians, Zuni, Ute, Apache, and even some Navajo and Hopi from Arizona. I also drove to the Taos Pueblo, which is about an hour north of Santa Fe. Did you know that Taos is one of the oldest towns in America? The pueblo has been continuously for almost a thousand years.

Barbara: I had no idea that there were any towns that old in the U.S.

Lars: I didn't either. Santa Fe and the surrounding area have so much to offer culturally as well as artistically. There's a beautiful cathedral, which was built in 1886, and several world-class museums. I could easily have spent another week or two there sightseeing.

Barbara: Did you visit any of the museums?

Lars: I visited one museum which was to the artwork of Georgia O'Keeffe. I had seen some of her paintings before in Europe, and I knew her name was with New Mexico.

Barbara: Wow... pueblos, Indian markets, old churches, art galleries, Georgia O'Keeffe ... I think I need to take a trip to Santa Fe.
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