Aerospace Industry

Vocabulary Follow-Up

Fill in all the gaps using the new vocabulary, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   aerospace      ambitious      controversy      coordinated      liaison      mission      stepping-stone      to foster      to probe      venture   
1. The employees knew that the joint between their company and the computer manufacturer involved a great deal of change, but they had no idea it would cause them to be laid off.

2. She acts as a cultural between the government of Quebec and the government of Belgium.

3. Mei Ling used her internship at the advertising company as a to a great position with a web design firm.

4. The government is sending a robotic craft the polar regions of the Moon. They are trying to determine whether or not there is sufficient ice on the Moon to provide water for a permanent base.

5. In the next twenty years, the United States intends to send a manned to Mars.

6. He is young, very bright, and very - I am sure he will be successful. I just hope he finds a little happiness as well.

7. Boeing is a leader in the industry; they manufacture many of the world's commercial aircraft.

8. There is a great deal of over the new oil road being constructed. Many environmentalists warn it will disturb the animals in the nearby wildlife refuge.

9. That public relations firm the preparations for the huge millennium celebration. The celebration was very successful, so I would recommend using them for our upcoming project.

10. Many parents complain that television doesn't do enough a good sense of morality in children. They feel that TV programs have become too violent and sensationalistic.
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