Vocabulary in Conversation

Fill in all the gaps using the new vocabulary, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   cell phones      converge      devices      distribution      e-commerce      high-bandwidth      modems      network      portable      wireless communications   
Tim: How's school going, Barbara? Are you taking any new classes?

Barbara: I'm taking another really interesting course called "Business and the Web." We are learning about and how new technological developments will affect the way we buy, sell and market things in the future.

Tim: Wow, that sounds like something I should take.

Barbara: I think it's one of the most useful courses I've had so far. Right now, we are studying . It's a fascinating field. We've had several lectures on how the increasing use of has led to the development of a whole new generation of computers and hand-held electronic .

Tim: What other kinds of topics will you be covering?

Barbara: We are going to discuss Internet connections, like cable , which will allow us to exchange information more quickly. And from there, we will focus on how Internet, TV, radio, and telephone technologies are all starting to come together.

Tim: I was just reading about that in the newspaper. But how does that relate to online business?

Barbara: As these technologies in the near future, a new high-speed will develop which will be perfect for the of products and services online.
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