Vocabulary Follow-Up

Fill in all the gaps using the new vocabulary, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   cell phone      converge      devices      distribute      e-commerce      high-bandwidth      modem      network      portable      wireless communications   
1. The four roads just before the river. Each road leads to the same bridge.

2. An "intranet" is a of computers within a company or an organization. It is like having a much smaller, personal version of the Internet.

3. Jerry loves to buy little travel . He already owns an electronic compass, an enormous Swiss pocketknife, a currency calculator and dozens of other little things that he thinks he can't live without.

4. My new Internet connection allows me to download large computer programs in seconds rather than hours.

5. Michael just can't live without his television. Even when he goes camping, he takes a TV along to the camp site.

6. Monica is working to market and her new invention herself. She has figured out a way to advertise her product, but she is still looking for a way to ship it to her customers.

7. The experts say that advances in will lead to a whole new line of portable computers with Internet access.

8. I have a problem with my , so I can't use the Internet until I buy a new one.

9. We are going to go to a conference on . Our company is looking for a quick and affordable way to distribute our products online.

10. I hate it when someone's starts ringing in the middle of a movie. Why don't people turn those things off before they enter the theater?
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