Higher Education


A. = Adjective   ADV. = Adverb   IDM. = Idiom   N. = Noun   V. = Verb
apprenticeship N. training in an art or a trade
This word is also sometimes used to describe educational training programs, common in Europe and much of the world, in which young people learn their profession through on-the-job training in companies and organizations. Often this includes one or two days a week of in-class training. This kind of education is uncommon in the United States.
to be funded V. to be paid for, to supply the money for
a degree N. a title given by a university
facilities N. services or conveniences
to major V. to specialize in (a particular academic field)
a major N. the main field of study in which a university student specializes
to minor V. to have a secondary specialization in (a particular academic field)
a minor N. the secondary field of study in which a student specializes
to stand for V. to be the short form of, to represent, to mean
terminology N. specialized words or expressions used in a particular field, activity, job, science, etc.
to transfer V. 1) to change schools 2) to move from one place to another said of people or things
B.A. N. Bachelor of Arts, an undergraduate degree in a humanities-related subject
B.S. N. Bachelor of Science, an undergraduate degree in a science-related subject
master's N. the graduate degree after a bachelor's and before a Ph.D. There are also different kinds of master's, including M.A. (Master of Arts), M.S. (Master of Science), M.B.A. (Master in Business Administration), etc.
Ph.D. N. doctorate, highest graduate degree Although Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy, it is commonly used to refer to a doctorate in any field.


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