Internet 101

Vocabulary in Conversation

Fill in all the gaps using the new vocabulary, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
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Tim: Hey! What are you looking at, Barbara?

Barbara: I am taking a class called 21st Century Advertising. The teacher wants us to study different web sites to learn about web page .

Tim: That sounds like a great class for people who are studying business.

Barbara: It is. The is the future of business. And the is going to be the storefront of the next century. To be competitive, businesses have to adapt their current advertising techniques. However, creating a good web site is much more difficult than most people think.

Tim: Have you discovered anything interesting which you consider to be well designed?

Barbara: Yeah, this site is fantastic. Take a look. It's very artistic and the technical is convenient and very logical. It also looks good in different . I have already viewed it in Microsoft Explorer and Firefox. The is also fantastic; the size and shape of the text are perfect. I am going to borrow some of their techniques when I make my own web page for class.

Tim: Borrowing ideas is OK, but you have to remember that the of all web pages is legally protected.

Barbara: I know. Our professor taught us about intellectual rights. He told us that infringement is a real concern for people who publish on the Web.

Tim: That's right. Hey, that picture says "continue on." Why don't you there so we can see the next page.

Barbara: OK.
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