Changing Jobs

Vocabulary in Conversation

Fill in all the gaps using the new vocabulary, then click the "Check" button to check your answers.
   competitive      dedicated      downsize      get rid of      outdated      retrain      streamline      update      was bought out      was laid off   
Barbara: Did you hear Lars lost his job?

Tim: Really? He has been working for that advertising agency for almost five years. He was such a employee - I can't believe he was fired!

Barbara: He wasn't fired, he . Terra Advertising by some Internet marketing firm from the East Coast.

Tim: That's terrible! Why didn't the new company keep him? I'm sure they could use someone with his skills.

Barbara: Lars said the new company needs to .

Tim: Why?

Barbara: They need to reduce the number of employees they have if they want to remain .

Tim: Why did they Lars? He's great at what he does.

Barbara: They hired a specialist to come in and help the company. Lars is creative and very respected in the advertising industry, but his skills have become . He can't use a computer and he doesn't know anything about the Internet. He is no help to an Internet marketing firm.

Tim: He needs to go back to school and . The career center downtown offers free classes to people who need to their skills and training.

Barbara: You should suggest that to him.
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